Master Of None

Chapter 2154: . Elemental Flow

It was more controlled. The same way that Walker had managed to push the lightning to move as he had desired.

Channeling the lightning was a requirement to be able to understand how the manas were mixed. Wjilehe had felt that through his body, he had not been damaged by it whatsoever.

Instead, he felt more comfortable. The entire time that Walker had been in the elemental planes, he had noticed that his body felt lighter.

That he also felt his mind was clearer. It was like so many weights had been lifted from him.

Right now, he could sense that the lightning arc spirit felt the same. Like it had been freed from the pressure of survival in one place.

It completely stepped out of the control of Walker's mana which it had just relieved on a few moments ago. With a quick step, Walker stored the body of the smoldering alligator within the high spatial storage space.

It was a great material that he knew he would be able to use when he needed it. Beyond that, he also knew that the wandering blacksmith would find it to be an incredibly important material to research.

The heat resistance was immeasurable since the scales could become cool or hot depending on the amount of fire mana. But the key would be the physical resistance when solid and the magical resistance when soft due to heat.

That could give way to unique armors that changes based on someone's fire mana and earth mana. Or a unique weapon that could channel magic or be used physically.

It might be possible to replicate an alloy with similar properties using other manas. Shaking his head free from this, he looked at the others who had their eyes fixed on the uniqueness of these boundaries clashing right here and now.

"We are glad we could help you, but we are hunting a dangerous undead that came this way." Walker felt bad that he was saying they might just leave here now, but as he looked at the lightning arc spirit that had condensed its body significantly, he could see that there was more there now.

A detailed face would shift in to form here and there as a more defined arm and leg formed. It was a real example of watching someone learn how to understand their own aman better.

But this was at a much more rapid pace than what most images or other spirits could do. It was a sign that the lightning arc spirit had truly just stepped in to being part of the spirit race.

Fleur was constantly sending out small amounts of natural mana which drastically helped the lightning arc spirit. From what Walke could understand, the two were communicating.

What was really happening was that Fleur was teaching the lightning arc spirit. As a member of the spirit race, Fleur was able to easily communicate with others of the same race in ways that even Walker would struggle with since it was not his natural method.

But Fleur, she could also sense the manas of any being that was made of mana much more closely, she was the same after all. As such, Fleur was sharing unspoken experiences.

Communication, the way to move and exist, and even the best way to make it to the world where others of the spirit race were gathered together. Where the young lightning arc spirit would be able to learn more.

Grow more.

So, can wwe not fight more of those?" Gil was sure that things would be difficult if they continuously fight monsters that could alter their defensive prowess.

especially since he would need to change the arrows he uses constantly.

"I didn't plan of fighting that oen at all.

But since it was attacking someone in danger…" Walker knew that the others wouldn't have run either. They understood that the second Walker saw the lightning arc spirit that they were going to help it.

Leaving a trapped victim was against their morels.

"I feel like we might be getting behind in our efforts though."

there was some worry in Su's mind that they continued to be held up over and over. Like they were attracting more and more attention from the ones living within the elemental planes.

The thing was, they had barely even crossed paths with the more powerful beings. Dragons, the elemental rulers, and the other sages.

They had only met the true earth sage and the earth king. Otherwise, they had seen the angelic wind spirits and could have found other traces.

What they needed to realize, was that these elemental planes were massive and changing. They had a very slight chance to ever run in to them in the first place.

From here on though, Walker was beginning to understand how they had run in to these situations.

"We are following the immortal king, he is being led on by a single sense to follow the death mana.

Basically, he is just going right ahead while exerting his way through. Cutting through all the boundaries and ignoring that the planes are shifting.lightsnovel

He doesn't know how to travel through this place. Neither do we, but I think I get it.


"Brother, did you figure out the flow of manas here?" Onyx had been enjoying the higher light mana density here. Especially since he could feel his body growing slightly.

Not in the sense that he was getting larger, but more that he was able to stretch a little more than usual.


"There's nothing for more to understand.

It's a mix of manas that are always on the move. Just the same as the world.

manas never stop moving. They are always flowing.

It's why we have seasons. But the world is an anchor, every bit of mana moves around and through it because of how it's fixed.

The manas here are not so they flow constantly creating smaller fused elemental planes."

"So, since it's moving, they are in balance.

Yes they cross and collide, but they aren't pushing in to one another at their denser areas. Meaning that every single movement makes the manas move.

We are having an effect on everything but that's natural. So, if we make a bigger effect, we can be sure that we will be able to move faster."

Now the others were a bit lost. They had a sense for the grandness of the elemental planes.

How they would change due to the influence of the beings within them. But now that Walker was saying something like moving faster by influencing them, they didn't know exactly what he was saying.

"Just like the true earth sage helped us move, he didn't use magic or make the earth below us flow. He was changing the elemental plane as a whole."

Walker raised a hand and the water beneath his feet moved. But this was water mana, not just water.

In a sense, by moving the water, he was creating a space for them to be able to flow better. He took a step to prove it.

In a flash, they all watched Walker step through the water but also moved double the distance that a step would normally take him. It made no sense.

"See? The water was here but by moving the water mana below me at the same time that I moved, it pushed me further because the entire elemental plane shifts too. By doing that, one step was like ten."

This made a lot more sense in a way. It was spatial magic nor was it something insanely advanced.

This was just normal for the fact that the elemental planes were moving in general. Especially since they were all just moving along with it too.

So, now they just had to understand how that moved in general.

"So you are saying that as long as the immortal king doesn't learn this, we can push ahead?' Remey cracked her knuckles again.

Midnight also growled slightly. She wanted to make sure that the immortal king finally got what he deserved for all the evil that he did.

"I should also mention, our new friend here saw the immortal king pass by. He just told Fleur all about it."

Fleur made a thumbs up gesture as approval. She had been talking and teaching, but she had also been listening.

gathering important information about the immortal king that had just come through here with a horde of undead. .


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