Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 9 - Reflection and planning

9  Reflection and planning

I reviewed everything I had been doing so far and looked for what I could change. I was going to keep farming [Frozen Wasteland] tomorrow, but I would also be heading towards one of the rank D dungeons in the city, [Goblin King's Abode], for at least a few rounds

I just learned a C rank defensive skill that most hunters can't even use because of its high energy requirement. There shouldn't be any surprises that might pop up to endanger my life. Along with the rank D [Flames of Torment], I should be able to clear the 30-floor dungeon without an issue

Another thing was the usage of my skills. If I really can cast endlessly, then I need to use this to my advantage even more. [Arcanist's Sphere of Protection] and [Danger Senese] were still active. I sat on my old bed then closed my eyes, activating both [Safeguard] and [Arctic Armor] too

A few minutes passed and I calmed down some more and realized what I might have missed. [Frozen Wasteland] wasn't as actively cleared as other E ranked dungeons and had a tint of orange. What would happen when it was cleared multiple times in one day? A change would be very noticeable.

Sigh. I looked to my ceiling as I realized how full of mistakes I still am. Today I'll rest, tomorrow I'll start moving for real.


The man adorned with rank C [Item]s sat in the back of a luxurious car heading back to his manor. He had a distasteful expression on his face as if he had just swallowed a bug.

There were very few people he hated in this world as he stood above the masses. Noah, the newly awakened hunter he just visited, landed near the top of the list of the most irksome people. It wasn't whether he was strong or weak, it was his attitude.

He looked down on people with such a pathetic attitude. Wanting to lay low and evade danger after awakening to a powerful ability? Distasteful. You should use your God-given talents to help the other pathetic masses to live in this world a little longer. The strong ruled the weak in this era, and I do not want a weakling in my city. Either he falls in line or...

A phone quickly connected in the car and Cohen spoke. "Revise his danger level, make it B. He was able to use a defensive skill that would have taken me a few attacks to destroy, and it remained active the whole time I was talking to him. Find out which skill matches the description and gauge his power. He is most likely a naturally awakened individual with an [Inherent Skill] that adds a large amount of [Focus], allowing him to jump over rankings"

There was silence on the other end of the line before a reply came. "Yes Sir"

He was the only B Rank Hunter in Outer Bank X. He held the city's life in his hands. He could do whatever he wanted with nobody batting an eye. The local government could not control him. Nobody else in this city could contend with him. And that is how things will stay


As soon as I got up in the morning, I compiled everything I knew about Cohen Anderson. Besides his unstable attitude, he was the only one in Outer Bank X holding a rank B skill. A few months back, when his team that was made up of rank C Hunters took down the BOSS of [Solael's Castle] with half the team wiping, he was lucky enough to receive a rank B skill book from the BOSS

BOSSes rarely drop any skill books or items that are a higher tier then they are, but this chance increases when it is bosses from high ranking dungeons. A rank C dungeon is filled with hundreds of beasts of that level, along with a huge BOSS that earns the title of a Titan. These huge bosses are extremely powerful and have the chance of dropping something that is of higher rank than the dungeon itself.

Anderson was that lucky. He joined the ranks of B tiered Hunters and took his position at the top of this city. His team never remained the same over the months, with rank C hunters having a high mortality rate from the dangers of [Solael's Castle]. I would soon be joining them a few days from now

I thought over everything and began moving, hailing a ride and heading down to [Frozen Wasteland] for the last time. Since they already know I cleared this, I'll clear it a few more times to raise the fund for a skill I didn't think I would need

I spent around 20 minutes for each run yesterday, and it took me less than two hours to clear it multiple times and bring in more than half a million. I'll only need $400 k to get the skill that I have in mind though

This time around I was even more efficient. I entered the dungeon and immolated the huge bear another 3 times, giving me a multitude of [Core]s, and two skill books that were only worth selling

In less than an hour, I had finished with [Frozen Wasteland] and went down to the central Awakened Center to fully start my next phase of plans. The [Core]s and [Skill Book]s sold for $447,000, and I went towards the Skill Shop to buy the skill that will allow me to let loose with no reservations

The skill was still behind the thick glass, which I quickly called the person at the front desk and bought. Rank C skill, [Camouflage]. The skill allowed you to blend into your surroundings and had to be kept active to keep you from being seen. Besides extremely rich perverts, not many people used this skill

I would be relying on it to keep my movements hidden while I do things that go against the norm for many people even now.

I wasted no time learning the skill and went out of the Awakened Center. I still had my F rank license, and it would allow me to get past any gates no matter the rank. The gates and guards placed around the dungeon monoliths were to make sure normal people do not pass through and get themselves killed while trying their luck in the dungeon. Hunters could pass through the gate no matter the rank they held as long as they had a license, as many of the hunters congregating around dungeons wasn't just for the purpose of diving

I called a ride and gave directions to head towards [Goblin King's Abode].

Dungeons get progressively harder as the ranks increase, as can be seen how a rank C dungeon was barely being handled by a B rank hunter surrounded by rank C hunters. The difficulty from E to D hunters being able to notice you fairly easily. If someone were to be keeping tabs on me right now, I 15:16

am 100% sure it would not be a B rank hunter, so my movements from now on would be hidden

was also a huge gulf to cross for many, with D rank hunters opting to dive in groups of 10, or C rank hunters forming smaller groups to receive more profit.

Rank D dungeons are very profitable, but when you have to split the loot between 10 people, the returns are minimal when looking at the dangers you face.

I had the driver stop while we were at the center of downtown, where you could take many paths to get to a lot of dungeons. I found the nearest alley and activated [Camouflage] along with [Arcanist's Sphere of Protection] and [Arctic Armor]. [Danger Sense] was still kept active all this time.

The rank C [Camouflage] could hide a hunter from anyone of that same rank, with powerful rank B hunters being able to notice you fairly easily. If someone were to be keeping tabs on me right now, I am 100% sure it would not be a B rank hunter, so my movements from now on would be hidden

I stepped out into the middle of the street with cars blazing down and people rushing about, not a single person was able to see anything, with a few bumping into me and tilting their heads to see exactly what hit them

As soon I confirmed the usefulness of the skill I rushed towards the direction of [Goblin King's Abode] and arrived there in 20 minutes.

This time around, I didn't bother showing my license and just passed through the man-made gates, the rank D guards on the side being none the wiser. None of the hunters clustered inside even looked my way either, increasing my confidence for the new plans from now on.

I then looked up at the huge monolith that shone with a blue hue. This dungeon was regularly cleared by rank C and D hunters, being one of the more profitable dungeons because of the special drop that occasionally comes out, [King's Valor]. This item was a full body armor that increased your defense by a wide margin while not hindering your speed. As rank C [Item]s were extremely rare, and mostly hoarded by those diving into the only rank C dungeon, this item was one of the hottest pieces of equipment for hunters

I stopped reminiscing and went towards one of the square doors of the monolith, placing my hand and instantly being transported to [Goblin King's Abode].

[Noah][Occupation: Hunter]

[Vitality: 70]

[Focus: - ]

[Strength: 70]

[Skill(s): (F-Fireball-98)(F-Heal-21)(E-Arctic Armor- 95)(D-Flames of Torment-49)(D-Safeguard-15)

(D-Danger Sense-33)(C-Arcanist's Sphere of Protection-25)(C-Camouflage-3)]

[Equipment: (E-Swift Boots)]

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