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Chapter 3479 - 3479: Taking inventory of gains t

Chapter 3479: Taking inventory of gains t

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Ling Qingxue did not know how Xia ruofei had managed to clear the stage, but she was not in a hurry to ask.

On one hand, ever since Xia ruofei left the trial Pagoda, Chen Xuan and the others had been around. She was not good at using her spiritual energy to communicate with Xia ruofei, so it was not convenient for her to ask him directly.

On the other hand, Ling Qingxue had always had blind confidence in Xia ruofei. Even though she had personally experienced the difficulty of the Obsidian stairway, she did not think that Xia ruofei would not be able to make it.

In her eyes, Xia ruofei would definitely reach the top. She was even more confident than Xia ruofei himself.

However, when she heard that Xia ruofei had a breakthrough in his spiritual power on the Obsidian stairway, Ling Qingxue’s heart ached.

Xia ruofei chuckled and said,”only through suffering can one rise above others!” The Obsidian stairway is indeed not easy to pass, but I have also benefited a lot in the process of passing the stairway. The breakthrough of spiritual power is only one aspect, there are many other benefits!”

Although Xia ruofei said it casually, he still shuddered when he recalled the experience of tempering his body on the Obsidian stairway. The pain of his bones breaking was indescribable.

Moreover, he was in the later stage of the stairway to heaven, so he basically had to repeat the tempering process. Many parts of his bones were broken, repaired, and then broken again. No matter how powerful his mental power was, he would never want to experience such pain again.

However, as he said, one can only be above others by going through hardships. If he didn’t go through the process of body tempering, he definitely wouldn’t be able to pass the heavenly stairs. Moreover, it was absolutely impossible for his body to reach the strength it had now.

After Xia ruofei finished, he lowered his voice and said,””After reaching the top of the heaven ladder, the trial Pagoda’s 9th floor really doesn’t have any tests, it’s completely a floor to give out rewards. After completing all the Tower of Trials quests, the rewards are beyond imagination!”

“Really!” Ling Qingxue quickly asked,”what are the rewards?”

Xia ruofei told Ling Qingxue about the reward he had received on the ninth floor of the trial Pagoda in a low voice.

Ling Qingxue couldn’t help but open her mouth wide. After a while, she said,””This purple origin crystal is actually so powerful…RUO Fei, then your cultivation speed in the future will definitely be extremely fast! And that nascent formation pill, it means that you won’t have any obstacles in breaking through to the original infant stage! That’s great…”

Xia ruofei smiled and said,”you guys have to work hard too!” Hurry up and break through to the Golden core stage. I definitely won’t be able to use up all those purple origin crystals. At that time, all of you will be able to use them!”

Xia ruofei had obtained information about the purple essence crystal from the inheritance book. One of the information was that the purple essence crystal could only be absorbed by cultivators at the Golden core stage and above. Qi refining stage cultivators could not use it.

Hence, even if Xia ruofei wanted to leave the purple origin crystals to Ling Qingxue, Song Wei, and the others, he had no way of doing so for the time being.

It was only after they had broken through to the Golden core stage.

The reward this time was unusually generous. Xia ruofei roughly estimated that even if he kept using the purple Yuan crystals in the storage ring until he broke through to the nascent Soul Stage, he would not be able to use them all.

By then, Xia ruofei would be able to unlock his second storage ring.

If his guess was correct, the second storage ring would probably contain the cultivation resources he needed to reach the nascent Soul Stage.

Hence, Xia ruofei would definitely not skimp on the purple origin crystals during cultivation just to leave some for Ling Qingxue and the rest.

He was very clear that only by continuously breaking through and improving his cultivation would he be of the greatest help to Ling Qingxue and the others.

And he had a feeling that the reward for this Tower of Trials mission was to help him raise his cultivation as quickly as possible.

Even though there was no other explanation for the reward, Xia ruofei still felt a sense of urgency.

Although he didn’t know the reason, he would definitely increase his cultivation speed. He definitely wouldn’t delay his cultivation progress in order to save purple origin crystals.

Ling Qingxue nodded.’Tve gained a lot from the trial Pagoda this time. I’ll work hard on my cultivation when 1 get back. Otherwise, I’ll be left behind by you!”

Xia ruofei smiled and said,”actually, those legacy books are very precious. It can be said that they are all – encompassing and I don’t need to spend any time to study them. I can master so many things directly. It will be very helpful for my future cultivation!”

Ling Qingxue nodded and said,””I knew you would succeed! RUO Fei, this is called “hard work pays off”!”

“Qingxue, you didn’t tell anyone that we were teleported to the same place, did you?” Xia ruofei asked, chuckling.

Ling Qingxue rolled her eyes at Xia ruofei and said, “I’m not stupid! One must always be wary of others, so how could he tell them this so casually? 1 was actually worried that you wouldn’t spill the beans! However, I can’t remind you! It’s a good thing you’re smart…”

Xia ruofei smiled bitterly and said,”that’s good … Just keep this matter to yourself and don’t tell anyone!” Otherwise, the first heaven sect and the vast waves sect might suspect that 1 had something to do with Shen tianfang and mu Hua’s deaths!”

Ling Qingxue nodded and said,”don’t worry!” This kind of thing can’t be said carelessly in the first place, and now that the first heaven sect and the surging waves sect have both lost a golden core elder, it’s even more so!”

Ling Qingxue couldn’t help but look at Xia ruofei and asked,””Ruofei, have you really met Shen tianfang and muhua? With your strength at that time, it would be fine if you met mu Hua, but if you had met Shen tianfang, it would have been difficult for you to deal with him ….”

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