Divine Path System

Chapter 1344 Imposter

It was a tough journey back to Zion.

The fact that they were chased down by some mad beasts that wanted nothing but to tear them off because they intruded into their territory even after fleeing dozens of light years did not help.

Even with Isadora helping out, he faced a rough time.

They flashed past the exploding spaces, leaped away from shattering stars and brushed dangerously close to some nasty black holes.

"I, I don't like this." Varian panted as he collapsed on an asteroid.

His engulfed arm and leg had already regenerated but the gray space power continued to act on his body, trying to gnaw him like a ferocious beast.

Isadora sat beside him with a tired expression. But relatively, she was much better off.

"There's a joke about these Requitals," She brushed locks of her silver hair behind her ear and said with a small smile. "If you fight them once, they'll fight you, your child and grandchild. Apparently, they pass down this hatred through their DNA."

"Nasty," Varian groaned.

"They were pets, rumored to be raised by the God Emperor during his childhood." Isadora's expression grew a bit serious and perhaps even helpless. "They weren't originally like this but were changed. But…this is millions of years old, I don't even know if it's true."

"So he's millions of years old? Talk about a living fossil." Varian chuckled before he slowed down. "Wait, wait, is there any possibility he is older than human race?"

"Aren't you guys young? There are many divine rankers older than you. And this man, he's one of the oldest even among them." Isadora shook her head.

Varian fell silent for a moment before asking. "Doesn't he have a name? Why do you never call him by that?"

The Princess turned to Varian with a very serious expression and said. "Be careful with that. If you ever utter his name, he could know. And…the reason I'm even talking about him is in the belief that he doesn't care what I say or do.

If you're on his watch, there's little chance you can escape even if you run to the ends of the Alliance."

"Sounds too scary…" Varian gave a helpless sigh.

"Get used to it. You'll probably have to face him one day." She said with a devious smile.

"I'll spank you one day, ouch!" Varian rubbed his shoulder. "Don't punch, it's just regrown. Third time!"

Isadora snorted and stared into the deep, dark and endless space. Parting her lips, she said in an honest tone. "In hindsight, I was crazy for trying to attack you for those slivers. I was not in my right mind after I woke up.

There was so much…anger, frustration and vengeance in me. I just wanted to get it all out. In someway, on someone and somehow. I didn't even think anything through."

Varian's jaw dropped in surprise. "Y-You're really apologizing for your stupid outburst and trying to kill me? Not like an apology will suffice but you're apologizing? You?"

"I'm not apologizing or anything." Isadora crossed her arms and said with a prideful expression. "I'm just saying it's a stupid decision. Even if I did make a mistake, why would I apologize to you? That's worse than making that mistake."

"Really now…you don't have to act that way." Varian rolled his eyes.

Isadora shrugged.

He's right. She was just trying to put up more defenses against him. In hopes nothing unfortunate happens.

"Varian, I didn't think I have to bring this up so soon. But you're in a big danger for having the slivers.

I thought this conversation would come up after decades, if not centuries, but you…you are a freak who grows too fast. If you hit divine ranks, you are entering a very dangerous territory."

Hearing her sincere warning, Varian could only give a chuckle. "Damned if I do and damned if I don't."I think you should take a look at

"Yes. So, thank you for stopping me. And…" Isadora placed a hand on her heart and a light flashed.


Varian could not feel Sia and Enigma. They were isolated by a barrier she put up.

Isadora looked down and muttered. "If I did kill you, they would've hated me. Maybe only for a century or maybe for two…or maybe forever. I don't think it was a good idea."

"The girls or not, killing me was never a good idea in the first place!" Varian protested.

"I didn't know you properly then."

"Are you saying you won't kill me now if you get the chance?"

"What do you think, Mr. Genius?" Isadora stood up and glanced back.

Dozens of red orbs lit up in the far distance.

"Hey, you imposter, stop! Give me back the real Isadora! This one is too empathetic and honest even though she's still very prideful!"

"Shut up!"

With the two fleeing once more, the chase resumed.

It took a week and tens of short but intense battles before they made their way back to the destination.

Hazel, who was waiting for them in the last secret hide out she had after the rest were raided, got scared looking at their bloodied faces and injured bodies.

"What happened?"

"No time! Hurry!" Varian threw her to Isadora who caught her by the wings like she's a chicken.

"Wait, wait! Not my wings!"

Like a dissatisfied cat, Hazel struggled under Isadora's grip.

"Save that for later!"

Varian shouted and hurriedly blasted open the space.

They didn't have a portal back home. All paths back were destroyed for security reasons. Now, they had to travel. And it's going to take a while.

"Brace yourself, you two!"

With a loud bang, the space around them exploded and the three disappeared.

The fluctuations were faint and hidden, but didn't go unnoticed by the Orion squad that were hunting down for the 'unknown' enemy leader.

Due to the violent method of teleportation Varian delibrately chose, they didn't have much of a lead on where he was going.

But that didn't stop them from giving the order.


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