A Record of a Mortal's Journey to Immortality: Immortal Realm

Chapter 686: Powerful Treasures

Han Li faltered slightly upon hearing this, then conducted a brief internal inspection, upon which a hint of elation appeared on his face.

Indeed, his spiritual sense had been enhanced by roughly 50%, and even the fifth level of his Spirit Refinement Technique was on the verge of a breakthrough.

On top of that, due to the sensory deprivation that he endured, he had also gained a deeper understanding of his Mantra Domain.

However, this wasn't the time to be focusing on cultivation, so Han Li quickly turned his attention back to the azure hall before him.

The hall wasn't very large, only around a thousand feet in size, and it was completely empty with the exception of four stone pillars, one at each corner.

However, at the other end of the hall was a dark passageway that seemed to lead somewhere deeper.

"How long was I unconscious for?" Han Li asked as he turned to Immortal Lord Hot Flame.

"Not very long, maybe about fifteen minutes," Immortal Lord Hot Flame replied.

Han Li nodded in response, then contacted Daoist Xie through their spiritual connection.

"Did he do anything strange while I was unconscious, Brother Xie?"

While he did trust Immortal Lord Hot Flame as an ally, it was always better to be safe than sorry.

"No, all he did was observe the surrounding environment," Daoist Xie replied through voice transmission.

Han Li felt very reassured to hear this, and he said to Immortal Lord Hot Flame, "My apologies for the delay, Fellow Daoist Hot Flame. Let's keep going."

Immortal Lord Hot Flame naturally didn't object to this. He would've continued onward long ago if he didn't have to stay behind to look after Han Li.

With that, the two of them stepped into the passageway up ahead, and the light here was also quite dim, but there were no restrictions set up.

The passageway wasn't very straight, but it wasn't all that long, either, and before long, the two of them reached the end, at which point they encountered a white door of light.

The sound of a battle could be heard ringing out from within the door of light, and sure enough, someone else had already gotten here ahead of them.

Han Li and Immortal Lord Hot Flame exchanged a glance with each other, then concealed themselves before flying into the door of light in a covert fashion.

Immediately thereafter, they appeared in a giant hall that was over ten thousand feet in size, and it was completely empty aside from two rows of white stone pillars on either side of the hall.

At this moment, there were five figures locked in a fierce battle in the hall, causing the entire place to tremble and rumble violently.

However, the hall was constructed out of some type of extremely resilient material, and it remained largely unscathed despite the intensity of the battle taking place within it.

As Han Li swept his gaze over the five figures, he noticed quite a few familiar faces.

The five figures were split up into two opposing factions, one of which a two-man faction, among which was none other than Fox 3.

He was joined by a blue-skinned woman in a blue cloak with a head of curly green hair. As she moved, her body swayed from side to side like a seductive snake, making it impossible to look away.

The opposing group consisted of three people, two of whom Han Li was able to identify as Su Liu and Gong Shutian, and the final person to round out the trio was an extremely burly and imposing man with a pair of large golden rings hanging from his ears.

Han Li hid behind a stone pillar, and Immortal Lord Hot Flame did the same.

Fox 3 and the blue-skinned woman were definitely on the back foot, but they didn't appear as if they were going to be defeated anytime soon, so both Han Li and Immortal Lord Hot Flame had chosen to conceal themselves and merely observe for now.

Among the five combatants, Han Li didn't recognize the blue-skinned woman and the imposing man, but he did recognize the blue cloak that the woman was wearing. It was the same cloak as the one worn by the member of the Robe Change Order that he had slain earlier, so she was most likely from the same order as well.

As for the imposing man, he wasn't wearing the customary golden robe of Heavenly Court cultivators, but some of the accessories on his body carried Heavenly Court symbols, and that was a clear indication of where he had come from.

Han Li observed the battle for a while, then peered deeper into the hall, upon which he noticed an altar-like platform at the very back of the hall.

The platform was enshrouded in black and white light to form a circular array that was several dozen feet in size, and it resembled a miniature version of the Heaven and Earth Dust Array outside the True Mantra Palace.

The black and white lights within the array were intertwining with one another to form a yin yang symbol, and on the eye of each half of the yin yang symbol was a golden plate and a silver lute, seemingly acting as the cores of the array.

The golden plate had a series of patterns on its surface, and at its center was a thumb-sized protrusion, extending out of which was a golden needle that was slowly revolving.

The plate was flashing with golden light and giving off bursts of time law power fluctuations, indicating that it was a time-attribute immortal treasure. Furthermore, the time law power fluctuations that it was giving off were far superior to those of any of Han Li's time-attribute immortal treasures.

As for the silver lute, it was glowing bright with silver light and also giving off formidable law power fluctuations, except these law power fluctuations were of the space attribute.

Aside from that, there was also a dhvaja hovering above the array, and there were countless runes engraved onto the dhvaja, which was split up into five levels, with each level a different color.

From top to bottom, the colors of the levels were gold, green, blue, crimson, and yellow.

The lights of the five colors intertwined to form a scripture, which was giving off five different types of time law powers, three of which were very familiar to Han Li as they were identical to the auras of the Mantra Axis Scripture, the Water Divination Time Arts, and the Illusory Dawn Treasured Scripture.

However, the time law power fluctuations being released by the dhvaja were far more profound than the time law powers that he was cultivating.

The dhvaja was enshrouded under a faint five-colored light barrier, which also encompassed the Heaven and Earth Dust array, the golden plate, and the silver lute.

The two treasures were giving off golden and silver radiance that didn't conflict against the five-colored light barrier at all. Instead, there was a subtle balance between them.

Right at this moment, Han Li sensed something, and he turned his gaze to Immortal Lord Hot Flame, only to discover that the latter was staring intently at the three treasures at the back of the hall, particularly the dhvaja.

He was so excited that even his breathing was becoming a little heavier, and it immediately occurred to Han Li that perhaps the dhvaja had something to do with the Great Five Elemental Illusion Mantra.

The problem was that Immortal Lord Hot Flame was so worked up that he seemed to be unable to keep his own emotions in check, and Han Li was just about to remind him to ensure that he was well-concealed when a loud roar suddenly rang out.

"Who's hiding there? Come out!"

Immediately thereafter, a red sword projection struck the spot where Han Li's duo was hiding, and the stone pillars that they were hiding behind were instantly snapped into two.

Han Li hurriedly sprang away to take evasive measures, and Immortal Lord Hot Flame was also snapped out of his reverie before darting away to the side.

As a result, the two of them were completely revealed, and they discovered Gongshu Tian glowering at them from afar while holding a giant sword with scorching flames swirling around it.

"So it was just a pair of Golden Immortal Stage insects. You two must have a death wish to have come here!" Gongshu Tian sneered.

Immediately thereafter, his giant sword slipped out of his grasp, then swelled to over a thousand feet in size, and a giant crimson dragon projection emerged over it as it came crashing down upon Han Li's duo with tremendous power.

Even before the sword fully descended upon them, Han Li and Immortal Lord Hot Flame found themselves having to contend with an incredibly scorching aura.

The entire space within a radius of over a thousand feet seemed to have been set alight, and it began to ripple and warp violently.

Han Li immediately swept both sleeves through the air to release nine azure flying swords, which combined as one to form a single giant sword with thick arcs of golden lightning flashing over its surface.

The azure light radiating from the sword was so bright that even the scorching flames tumbling down from above were unable to outshine it.

The giant azure sword rose up into the air at Han Li's behest, and the two enormous swords clashed with an earth-shattering clang that caused the surrounding space to tremble and fracture.

The fiery sword was instantly stopped cold in its tracks, and an incredulous look appeared on Gongshu Tian's face upon seeing this, clearly not expecting his attack to be withstood by a mere Golden Immortal.

Han Li took advantage of this opportunity to grab onto Immortal Lord Hot Flame, and the two of them vanished amid a flash of golden lightning before reappearing near the entrance of the hall.

At the same time, the giant azure sword forced back the opposing fiery sword a little figure, then shot back to Han Li's side.

Gongshu Tian turned to Han Li with a cold expression, but didn't immediately lash out again as the other four combatants in the hall had also disengaged themselves from battle, with Fox 3 and the blue-skinned woman arriving by Han Li's duo.

Fox 3's complexion was a little pale, but there was an elated look on his face as he said to Han Li's duo through voice transmission, "You're finally here, fellow daoists! There's no time to waste! Those three items on that altar are all extremely powerful treasures.

“In particular, that dhvaja very likely contains the Great Five Elemental Illusion Mantra, the paramount cultivation art of the True Mantra Sect, so we absolutely cannot allow them to fall into the hands of the Heavenly Court!"

Even though Han Li had already guessed that the dhvaja could contain the Great Five Elemental Illusion Mantra, he was still ecstatic to hear confirmation from Fox 3, and he immediately replied, "Rest assured, Fellow Daoist Fox, we'll do everything we can to help you!"

In contrast, Immortal Lord Hot Flame's brows furrowed ever so slightly upon hearing this.

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